Blitz 16SY2
Blitz 16SY2- 16mm bar stock with Full 360 deg B-axis with 6 stations to work main and/or Sub spindle.
SwissTurn Blitz 16 Specifications
Working Range
Max Turning Diameter-16.5 mm (.65")
Max Machining Length Per Chucking-150mm (5.91")
Max Drilling Diameter-10mm
Max Tapping Diameter-M8
OD Tooling (Slide 1)
Number of Tools-4
Dimension-10mm x 10mm x 100mm
OD Tooling (Slide 2)
Number of Tools-2
10mm x 10mm x 100mm
ID Tooling (Slide 2)
Number of Tools-10 (5 and 5)
Dimension-10 mm (ER16)
Cross Working Driven Tooling (Slide 1)
Number of Tools-5
Dimension-10 mm (ER16)
Speed-6,000 RPM
360o Working Driven Tooling (Slide 2)
Number of Tools-3 and 3
Dimension-3 - 10mm (ER16) &3 - 7mm (ER11)
Speed-6,000 RPM
Blit 16SY2
Blitz 16SY2- machining compartment
Main Spindle
Spindle Hole Diameter-17 mm
Spindle Speed-10,000 RPM
Angular movement
Full C axis
Horsepower-2.5 HP
Back Working Spindle
Spindle Hole Diameter-17 mm
Spindle Speed-10,000 RPM
Max Length for front eject-150 mm
Angular movement-Full C axis
Horsepower-2.5 HP
Rapid Traverse
X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2
1,181 IPM
Blitz 16SY2 Mits 70 control panel
Blitz 16 Mits 70 control picture